2 quick and easy ways to be refreshed

This last week has been jam packed full of activities and appointments for the boys. I have been running here and there and kicking myself for making all these plans in one week. My stress level was high, and with everything else going on, I have felt exhausted. I wanted to crawl in bed and sleep not go to one more place.

I was in need of some me time, but if I stopped now something wouldn’t get done. So I tried to power through it. Then I felt it. The dreaded sore throat and headache. This is not a good week Cold can we maybe do this next week?

I couldn’t keep going like this. I worked out a plan. My boys are old enough so if I need to relax on the couch for an hour or two they could manage. My mom, who is living with us temporarily, would be home at 5. I texted her, told her the situation and she agreed to take care of the boys once she got home.

7pm is what time I finally made it to bed and slept in until 10am the next day! It was how much I was needing sleep. Truth be told something didn’t get done. I had really wanted to finish a post for Tuesday. (In fact, I want to get ahead so this doesn’t happen again, alas I am not there yet). It hasn’t been the end of the world, though, and I am back on track.

Here is what I realized:


1. One vital way to be refreshed is sleep.

Sometimes you have to ask for help. People that love you often want to help. Lack of sleep is something many people understand and can help with. If you don’t have anyone readily available consider asking a friend for a nap exchange. One watches the kids while the other naps then vice versa.

I know it’s important to relax. Sometimes I forget to relax, especially when I have so much going on or when I am stressed out. Then when I am exhausted, I think, how do I forget about something as vital as sleep?

I have been doing a little studying about Mamas and sleep and came across an interesting article here. One interesting fact it points out is this:

“Part of the problem is that mothers put their kids to bed and then stay up much later than they should.”

Ouch. I am guilty of that one. This makes a lot of sense. I have noticed if I get to bed earlier I am so much more efficient the next day. Otherwise, I am sitting on the couch doing very little except enjoying the silence and doing a few minor chores. The above article has many other good points including one about our view on how getting enough sleep is lazy and causes us to overexert ourselves.

Remember: You are a vital part of the family. It’s important to take care of yourself when it comes to sleep. Even if you are a night owl, getting yourself to bed for 7-8 hours of sleep can improve your day greatly. Put sleep on your priority list if you have to.

2. H2O can make big impact on your day

Ok, we get it, drink your water. Yet still.

I was reminded of this when my son heard I wasn’t feeling good. He secretly grabbed my water bottle and filled it up and brought it to me. I drink a good amount of water, but I also love my Peach Honest Tea. Drinking caffeine increases my need for water, yet I have forgotten that along the way. I’m glad I had modeled drinking water for my son so much in the past. He knows water is the first thing I need when I am not feeling well.

Self care quote water bottle

Water really can make an impact in how you feel day to day. I read recently that people who drink coffee in the morning would feel just as energized if they drank water. It’s often a matter of dehydration. If you get 7-8 hours of sleep already this may be the case. Although I will say if you woke up 10 times last night, it’s probably not dehydration!

I try to have a water bottle at the ready whenever I can. Plus it’s an excuse to have a super cute water container! (Like the one in the picture? You can find it here!) In the spring and summer or whenever I can, I drink infused water. It takes away the plain water blues.

It really boils down to self-care. Sleep and drinking water are obvious, yet often ignored. I love this quote and hope you take it with you to remember to prioritize these two things.

Golden rule quote Richard Paul Evans

How have you been in these two areas? How are you going to prioritize them?


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