On a whim the other day I thought it would be fun to make a list of humorous mommy blogs to help get you through your week. It should be a quick write up I thought. So I began to research blogs that talk about parenting in a non-snarky, non-sarcastic way. Now don’t get me wrong those blogs have their place, but I wanted to inspire and encourage anyone whose week may have already gone awry. I realized in the midst of my endeavor that it was harder than I thought.

I found list upon list of supposedly funny mom blogs, but many of them were old. Some blogs had stopped writing, some weren’t funny and some told stories that made me sad and were in no way funny. So I almost gave up. While I have made it a goal to find hilarious uplifting mom blogs for future reference, I wanted to share the blogs I did find.

These blogs aren’t the LOL, ROLF stuff I was looking for, but they are very inspiring. Maybe, just maybe there are some moms out there who could use inspiring more than funny today. So here are the blogs I have found, that are new to me, but I will be visiting many of them again.

Ann’s Rants: I happened upon her blog from one of the many outdated lists I found. She had just written the post I linked to and it was such a sweet explanation of a friendship she shared. It’s the perfect example of the wonderful evolution that can happen in friendship.

Fivekidsisalotofkids: I haven’t delved as deeply into her blog as I would like. I loved her post about feeling helpless while her just turned adult daughter was stranded a few states away. I did have a connection to the story in that she was stranded in Seattle and it immediately made me look at the date and see if there was any way I could help! There wasn’t. It was a few weeks ago and for some odd reason I felt bummed. That’s how much I liked the post.

Misadventuresinmommyhood: Ok, I was successful in finding a hilarious blogger that hopefully inspires too. Her latest post is a match.com pregnancy profile The one I really liked is the one you will find linked. Her experience through a scary time and how she came out of it a better person (and can I be friends with them too?!)

Findingjoy.net: I have followed her for years and really enjoy reading her blog, especially when I need encouragement. She is real and honest about her triumphs and her struggles. I have chosen an article that she shared about reading to her last child. It may leave you a little teary eyed. Be sure to check out the rest of her blog too!

Dawnwhispersandshouts.com: Lastly, this blog is a bit outdated, but her last post was about one of those times when everything goes wrong. If you need to remember that you don’t have it so bad, read this and you will feel better!

I hope you are inspired today and if you need even more material be sure to check out the rest of my blog!


Do you know of any funny mom blogs I can feature for the post I am working on? I would love to hear about them!



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