Book Review

I have had a great month of reading and I am excited to share it with you. From Paris to Philadelphia and other places in between. The books I have read are in the life of women who are struggling with where their life choices have brought them. Join me as I review them for you and hopefully add some books to your reading list!

Book One:

The Paris Key by Juliet Blackwell

This book explores the life of Genevieve as she heads to Paris when her Uncle dies. It just so happens that her life is falling apart too. Because her husband cheated on her, she is getting a divorce, although the cheating is more a green light to go through with what she has wanted to do for awhile.Throughout the book, she wrestles with the question of why she went to Paris. Was she really pursuing her dream job or was she running away from her divorce? Soon, Genevieve stumbles upon a piece of her mother’s history she never knew about. Their stories may be more intertwined than she realized.

When I picked up this book I thought it was going to be more of a beachy read. I am glad it wasn’t. It was more of a mystery/coming of age book that I couldn’t set down. I wanted to know how Genevieve’s life paralleled with her mother’s and what the minor characters in the book would add by the end.

French was not something I have been interested in until recently, but there were French phrases sprinkled in this book. Many of them were either in a context that I could understand their phrase or Genevieve translated them in her head which was usually the next sentence. I caught myself trying to figure out how to say them, speaking French out loud, always trying to pronounce Genevieve correctly (the book explains it’s Zhohn-vee-ev). It was a really intriguing addition to the book and made it fun to read.

I highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading more from Juliet Blackwell.

Book 3:

The third book I read (Wait, what about the second? I know, I’ll get to that down below)

The Restaurant Critic’s Wife

This book is about a Lila, the wife of a restaurant critic. This is eerily the same as the author who is also the wife of a food critic. Sam is paranoid about someone finding out who he is, so he asks her to stay home with the kids instead of continuing on with her career. She agrees, she gets frustrated and the book plays on this idea.

If you are a foodie or interested in what food critics do for a living, DO NOT read this book. I was less than impressed. Honestly, it isn’t worth it. They talk very little about food. Outside of the absurdity of his costumes to remain anonymous and talking into his sleeve it doesn’t tell much about food critics either. This book follows Lila along for a year and not much changes. Sam comes off as very controlling and Lila is a nonconfrontational martyr. As a result, a lot of fighting and complaining happen in this book, with very little results.

My problem with Sam’s paranoia circles around the fact that when they go to a restaurant they order an exorbitant amount of food, more than their group could ever eat, if that doesn’t give away food critic I don’t know what does. (This is not a spoiler it happens early on). My problem with Lila is that she is very judgmental of stay at home moms and talks about how horrible it is to be one. As a stay at home mom, this was frustrating. Seeing as though she loved her job I can see why it would be hard to be away from it, but complaining about what you agreed to do and sneaking around your husband to do it, is infuriating.

Side Note:

This month I read three books, and as you probably noticed I only have two reviews. Somehow, I have completely lost track of what the other book was. I didn’t put it in my Goodreads account. I have been a little scatterbrained this last week, but I will add it in next month’s review when I remember what it was!

What books have you been reading? Anything you would recommend or should stay away from?