So you are starting a blog or revamping one, you jump on Pinterest type in a question or just the term “starting a blog” and suddenly your feed fills with an overwhelming amount of posts! Everything from basic ideas to”22 Ways to Make $10,000 in Your First Three Days” to “SEO Learn it or Never Succeed!”  When this happened to me, I wanted to run away screaming! But after a good breather (and some chocolate) I came back. Here are some things I am asking myself.

How much time do I want to dedicate to this?

Well, when I officially started my blog two years ago I wanted to mainly start a blog for fun. I wanted to learn a new skill and perhaps figure out my voice in writing, in life, and just figure out how I feel about things.  Maybe, I could create a blog that matters, but in that I wasn’t really sure how to do that. So honestly, this question had me stuck for awhile and I didn’t do alot.

Now that I am restarting or re-energized to blog I have a different plan. I have done more research, more conversations about blogging and more direction. So here is what I have come up with. I want to blog for ten hours a week. This is my goal starting out and I will go from there. This includes post time and research time’. Eventually I will have to add in responding to comments and social media time, but I haven’t dedicated time to that yet. (I have automated my facebook posting for the time being and I hop on every once and awhile to post a meme or comment to continue interacting)

Do I need to spend a lot of time researching versus posting or vice versa?

Number one priority should be to generate content and go from there, the more content you have the faster you will generate followers and the more all the rest matters. After that, learning while doing is a process that has worked for me.  I know that for some having 10 days worth of content finished before starting or knowing all blogging techniques beforehand helps them feel successful and that is great! For me, however, it was overwhelming. My plan was to jump in and go for it. While I want an audience and to succeed I felt like in order to do that I had to start, knowing how to install a widget didn’t hep me if I couldn’t actually do it.

Do I want to monetize?

For some people, the option to make money blogging is a no brainer while others really just want a little corner of the blog to put down their thoughts, keep track of their poetry, or tell stories to a few like-minded readers. This was one that I wrestled with for awhile. I thought it would be a good way to generate a little extra income, I wasn’t sure I was ready to give it everything it would require to do so.

I have just recently come to the conclusion that I do want to monetize my blog and I am looking at how I want to go about that, but so far it’s just my little corner of the internet to encourage and inspire. (Well, I hope to do that afterward too, but maybe get paid for my time a little too 🙂  )

What blogs do I like reading?

This is one I analyzed when first starting and now revamping. What do I want people to walk away with? My answer was to be inspired and reminded that taking time to do something they love is a valid and worthwhile way to spend time. For you, it will likely be completely different.

When looking at your favorite blogs, take content into account, but also design. How does it make you feel to look at, is there something you don’t like about it? How often do they post, do you like that frequency or would you prefer something different?

I know some successful blogs that post once a week and some that do multiple times a day. You really do get to make your own plan and schedule when blogging.

Can I really do this?

Short answer: YES!!! But I feel like this question should be reworded. Do you really want to do this? Is this something you will enjoy spending your time on? Do you have something you are passionate about? Do you like writing?

I know some of the follow up questions may seem silly, but some people get into blogging because it’s all the rage, or they are looking for easy money, or because they were told they should. I would recommend taking a minute and ask yourself if it really is something you want to do…….take all the time you need……I can wait……..ok just scroll down when you are ready.

If you have decided to jump in and blog (or continue blogging) I want to say I believe in you. Blogging is a great way to get to know yourself and let your voice be heard, and your voice matters. So blog on!

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What questions have you asked yourself about starting a blog?



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