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Baking, Making, wrapping, shopping, plays and par-tays. This is only a small bit of what we have to do this Christmas season. It can be overwhelming just to think about, even more so to do it. Last post I wrote about things you could do to reduce stress outwardly (here). Now I want to go a step further, how to actually enjoy the Christmas season feeling calm and peaceful.
Does it sound impossible? I promise it’s not. When you use the little pockets of time you have to do something refreshing it can make a world of a difference. I am talking about 5, 10 or just 15 minutes a day. This is not more doing but more being.

1.Breathe.Deep Breathe. There is no wrong way to do this one and doesn’t even need extra time, you can do this during any activity. Deep breathing has so many benefits, like help clear your head, release tension, improve your mood, relieves pain. It truly can make a big difference if you choose to do it.

2. Sit in the Quiet. With kids this is tough to do, but it can happen. In the pockets of time when they are preoccupied (which can be only a minute a time for some little ones) stop what you are doing and enjoy the quiet. If you make a habit of this, you will find yourself enjoying a few minutes of quiet a day.

3. Do something because you love it. Ok, this is a doing. But it’s not about the end product. Not something you can cross off per se. This is one of the main reason I started this blog, to encourage you to do what you love! Go somewhere because YOU want to, watch a Christmas movie YOU enjoy, use your 5-15 minutes to plan a time for this. Schedule it if you have to, but don’t discount the importance of refreshing yourself to have energy for the season you’re in.

4. Create. When you create it helps your mind activate a part of your brain that isn’t used in stressful, busy times. It can help clear your mind and actually help you think about problems differently. One way you can implement this idea is by making Christmas presents. You don’t have to be a pro to create wonderful gifts. You could also create Christmas décor for the house (Creation is a fun process to include the kids in too!

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These simple ideas can help you destress and enjoy the Christmas season, but what if you are overwhelmed just looking at this list? Maybe you are thinking you don’t have time for it. I highly recommend you prioritize yourself this Christmas season. I believe in this idea so much I have created a free email series to help you make sure you CAN do it.
It’s called Calm in the Chaos. You will receive one email a day. Inside the email will be contained 3 ideas on ways to spend 15 minutes for yourself. These ideas are not the ones you hear every day like take a bath or light a candle. It will be real, actionable things you can do to help you destress and refresh. All I ask is you prioritize an apt in your calendar for 15 minutes a day with me. It can be any time of the day and when that time comes find a spot you read the email and then implement the idea of your choosing.

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