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Inspired Year PLanner

Time for Yourself.

We know we need it, we should do it, but once we have it, what do we do with it? Should we tackle our to do list, try to do some self care which may or may not come naturally, or should we sleep? I ask these questions partly because I still struggle with them. Those times when the kids go off for a couple of hours and I do a lot of stuff, when they get back I think, what did I even do while they were gone? I’m not relaxed and the house isn’t clean, what happened?

Enter in the Inspired Year Planner. This is not an ordinary planner, it has built-in goal setting sections too. Monthly, weekly, and yearly. Relating one to another, helping to insure your monthly goals meet your yearly goals, and your weekly goals meet the monthly ones and so on. If that’s not inspiring enough every weekly spread offer encouragement in the form of quotes and brightly colored pages.Kathy describes her planner on her kickstarter page (found here):

Every day, our lives move quickly. Dinner to make. A house to clean. Work obligations. Children to care for. It could overwhelm just about anyone. 

But you’re not just anyone. 

You have ambition – you give your all to the things you truly care about.

You have passions that fuel you and inspire you to be your best. 

You have dreams to create, to travel… to change the world. 

Don’t lose sight of what truly matters”



I use this planner to help with the time I take for myself. When I wake up and have my breakfast and morning tea, I glance at my planner and make sure my plans are clear for the day. I glance over my goal list for the week and see what I can tackle that day or what needs to wait for the next. It’s much less overwhelming to have them set for a week versus multiple in one day. If I set too many in one day and don’t accomplish them I getting frustrated and give up. These ones I can transfer on if I have a lot to do that day already or tackle some extras if I have free time. Having set goals for a day with flexibilty to add or take away helps me to have direction in my me time. You can tackle one of those projects you have been working on or a hobby you enjoy. So make sure to include your personal goals too, whether it’s reading a book a week or getting together with friends twice a month. When it’s down on paper it somehow feels more official.

8pages of planner

The pages above are included sprinkled throughout the journal, in the beginning of the planner, beginning of a season and between months. You can choose to fill these out as they come or throughout the time you use the planner. It is useful without being stressful and functional without being another thing to add to the ever growing to do list.

This Planner is not like your ordinary planner, when Kathy Pine first came up with this idea she had it funded 120% by Kickstarter in three weeks!! If you need one of these planners now, go check them out here! You also have the option to enter my giveaway!

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