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As a mom sometimes time can fly past us and we feel like we can’t keep up. For instance, can you believe Halloween is almost upon us? It seems like Back to School just finished! Now comes the rush to find what costumes to get and what there is left that you and your family will love! I know that I highly appreciate blogs that will find ideas for me and I can pick and choose my favorites, so I wanted to do the same for you! I have done some of the legwork for you to get you started. One thing that was important to me was to find costumes that are family friendly, so you can share these pictures with your kids without having to speed scroll past the scary costumes. They are also on Amazon Prime so you know they are reliable and fast. (Not an Amazon Prime member? You can sign up here for a free 30 day trial!) So let’s get started:


peacock baby

OK Peacock baby is so adorable, only requirement: sitting up

gnome baby

This one makes me laugh, I don’t know if it’s a baby with a beard or the oversized ears, but this baby gnome is just fun. Plus if baby gnome has a big sister there’s a gnome outfit for her to match below!


Frankenbaby costume

This little Frankenbaby is so adorable and takes very little prep just a shirt with a hood!


Baby Monkey

This monkey costume looks so darn comfy! It’s a bodysuit with snaps plus it’s washable!


wonder woman baby costume

Given the awesome movie that just came out, why not dress up your little one as Wonder Woman? There is even a toddler version below if sisters wat to match! Heck there’s even ones that will work for mama, you could have your own girl squad.(although mama’s not included below it can be found on Amazon too, I didn’t want to be too redundant)

tootsie roll baby costume

There isn’t too many bunting costumes that are available at the last minute, but this Tootsie Roll is cute and if you stay home handing out tootsie rolls alongside baby would make for fun conversation with trick or treaters!


wonder woman toddler

Wonder Woman can do almost anything! If you have a fan of hers be confident in knowing that your whole family can match in this outfit, because they are in literally every size. (Some listed down below)

wild things toddler costume

Where the WIld Things Are main character Max is such a sweet and inventive costume for the little one who loves books. It looks so warm and cozy too.

red riding hood toddler costume

A cute rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. I love that they have storybook characters available to dress up in for little ones. These costumes help to bond with the story and can be used for dress up later.

girl toddler gnome

This little gnome stuck out to me because of the baby gnome I mentioned above. How cute would it be to have matching gnome siblings?

Firefighter toddler costume

Real world costumes like this firefighter can give little ones an opportunity to pretend to be in their dream career and can be used for much more than Halloween.

Elementary Age:

Dinosaur with hat

I love that this dinosaur ride-on costume points out the fact that the hat comes with, just in case that’s a make or break decision! I included this though for it’s fun factor, you don’t often see people riding inflatable dinos.


This costume is a classic and yet revived for modern times, I think it would be great to dress up as a guy from Ghostbusters and have a friend or two be the green ghosts.

girl bat

A little bat romper that is not only cute, but double in warmth for a chilly night. Although if you plan on it being chilly, I recommend she wear pants over it 🙂  (P.S. there’s a matching mom costume below!)

girl raccoon

A sweet raccoon costume that will keep your little bandit warm and ready to steal all the treats she can find. Bonus: There’s a matching one for either a big sister or mom down below!

girl wonder woman

Wonder Woman is the epitomy of superhero Girl power. Snag this costume to give your strong little girl the costume of her hero.

Moana costume

Speaking of recent movie superstars, Moana is high on every little girl’s list of favorites. This costume can double as a costume, dress up, plus a fun outfit for a hot summer day.

Mario kid

Got a little gamer on your hands? Go old school and dress plumber style with Mario. If Mario goes to a party, bring a phone around a play a little theme music from the game!

mine craft costume

If your gamer prefers more modern games to Mario, Minecraft Creeper maybe more up their alley. They could dress as their favorite character and finish off their exhausting night gaming with their trick or treat pals.


indiana jones tween boy costume

Some boys are adventurers at heart and if they are familiar with Indiana Jones they may like this costume. It’s well known enough to be recognized, but not super popular like many of the other costumes their peers may be wearing.

katniss tween

Ah the Hunger Games, Katniss is such a hero for many young ladies. How fun to dress up like her and go on an adventure to collect candy! (I highly recommend including arrows and bows if you have some)

steampunk tween costume

I had to include this Steampunk Girl costume since my niece wore this one last year. She was so cute and original, I had never seen anything like it. She chose to wear it with leggings for added warmth and comfort.

storm trooper tween costume

I love this rendition of the storm trooper costume. It’s cute and girly for those who love both Star Wars and being girly.

tween werewolf costume

You could call it a wolf or a werewolf, but it gives a girl a fun costume to wear without requiring they wear a dress like many costumes do. I know when I was a tween I definitely didn’t like wearing dresses, so I would have loved a costume like this.

Superman tween costumeBatman Tween Costume

Tween boys are hit or miss on whether they want to wear a costume anymore, but many that do want to wear something that makes them feel proud of their costume. Plus if he has siblings or friends who like to do things that are similar they could be the duo of Superman vs. Batman!


Teens & Adults:

I included teens in this cateogry because they could fit these costumes, but there were many of the tween costume that would work for them too. Feel free to go between the two to get more ideas. I chose many of these costumes for comfort, fun, and/or originality.

Aren’t these wings beautiful? You could wear black with this, maybe antennae and it would be a quick and easy costume to go trick or treating in.

Minions costume

If your little ones still love the minions this would be a great MInions costume to include yourself in on the fun. Tip: Wear leggings with this if it may be cold where you are to keep you warmer.

Unicorn Onesie

You can literally wear your pajamas out whilst your kids collect all the candy. I am not one to wear pajamas in public, but I would wear this Unicorn as a costume. Especially if it means I could come home and collapse in bed after the 5 miles we will probably walk!

raccoon costume

I adore this Raccoon costume, it looks so comfy and cozy. Plus there is a matching one for elementary age girls. It could a teen sister and younger sister matching costume or Mom and daughter. (Just an FYI this is junior sizes, it would definitely work for moms, but may need to adjust sizing)

Do you plan on walking alot during trick or treating? Try this fun bat costume with a built in hood and blanket (or wings) is just the thing you need to stay comfortable with your kids. Bonus: Matching bat costume for a elementary age child if you like family costumes.

giraffe costume

Giraffe here was strictly for the people who like to do totally goofy costumes. It was listed under male costumes, but I think anyone could pull this off and have alot of fun with it!

King Tut male costume

I included King Tut here because it’s a little more on the original side. Also it’s not too hard to put together or find a costume to go with it if you want to have a couples costume.



Sometimes it can be hectic to get everyone out the door to go trick or treating. Why not make it easy on yourself and just grab a little something that’s fun and festive? It’s a fun costume, yet it’s not as involved as a whole outfit.

sugar skull face tattoo

This sugar skull face tattoo takes a little time, but you can do it before hand. The reviews say that this lasts all day, so you could get ready a few hours ahead to save yourself from the rush.

Unicorn wig

I have a few friends who love unicorns and this would be fun with a some bright colored clothes or just the unicorn wig.

*All of these costumes are available from Amazon Prime and are subject to availabilty*



Which costume will you choose this Halloween?