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Did you make yourself reading goal this year? I set out this year to read a book a week and so far I have been almost meeting it every month, but not quite. Well, the great news is I have exceeded that goal this month at 5 books! While I am 8 books behind, this month was proof I could catch up and be successful with the right books.

I have been moving all this month and I am surprised that I was able to read so much. I chalk it up to the fact that after my kids went to bed I didn’t have energy for anything else, and we didn’t have the tv unpacked to be distracted by either. It was something I could look forward to after exhausting myself all day.

Paris For One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

Nell, a woman who has never traveled abroad decides to go on a weekend trip with her boyfriend to Paris. The only problem is, he doesn’t show. She is now alone and unsure of what to do. When she decides to do one thing she wouldn’t normally do, it sets in motion something she never could’ve imagined.

I have been dipping my toes in the waters of short stories lately. I read one last month that was ok and this one was markedly better. The first half of the book is “Paris For One” and I will say that I was wishing that was the full book. It was so good and so much more could have been explored. The other stories were good too, but I am learning I enjoy longer in-depth books I can get to know the characters in. I highly recommend this book mainly because of the first portion of the collection.

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

Three sisters are incredibly close but have strange relationships with one another. Each of them think they are a little better than the other two. They are not totally truthful to one another, because they have a hard time being truthful to themselves. Throughout the book their lives separately begin to fall apart. They have to make choices on not only their lives, but help each other through theirs.

Liane Moriarty is the author of my all time favorite book “What Alice Forgot”, seriously if you haven’t read that one make it next on your list! I don’t know why it took me awhile to read another of her books, but I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed the majority of this book, I’d give it a 4 1/2. Everyone will find parts of themselves in at least on of the triplets. You may even find yourself thinking about how you would make the same choices when faced with their challenges too. This book is a little deeper than a beach read and really well written. While there is turmoil, it doesn’t feel filled with drama. Take a trip to fictional trip to Australia and find yourself amongst the Kettle girls!

The Nest by Cynthia DÁprix Sweeney

Nobody remembers who coined it “The Nest”, but that’s what it came to be called. The modest inheritance their father set aside for them had surged when the stock market rose. The four siblings were promised the money when the youngest turned 40, but it could be in trouble once Leo, one of the four, wrecks a car with a 19 year old waitress inside (not his wife). Each one had been counting on the money to help them out of a financial jam. The accident has jeopardized their inheritance and their lives could be ruined if the money they are counting on is lost.

This book was my least favorite of the month. The characters are stressed out, entitled siblings who are hard to connect with. There are several side characters whose point of view you also get. I feel like there is too much going on and too many side points of view. Although I will add, I liked getting to know the secondary characters more than the main ones.

I was surprised to learn “The Nest” was nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards for Fiction. I didn’t really like it and wouldn’t recommend it to others. Many of the reviews I found on Goodreads are polarized. I would recommend passing on this book. If you must read it, come back and tell me if you agree!

A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny

Inspector Armand Gamache has a lengthy history with the Surete Police force as he takes over the Surete Police Academy to weed out the corruption that had taken hold. His loyalty to the honesty of the force is pivotal to him and why he came out of retirement for this job. Because he had been in retirement you quickly learn of his love for his home village Three Pines.

It is in the bistro of Three Pines he is a given a very old obscure map. One that may hold secrets that want to remain hidden. When he frames the map and hangs it at work it draws the attention of four cadets. He asks them to solve the mystery of the map as an assignment.  In the following weeks, a professor is found dead with a copy of the map. The four students quickly come under suspicion and Gamache has to untangle all the secrets that have been hidden under the surface far deeper than he could have imagined.

 “Dear Louise Penny, where have you been all my life!?”

Seriously, it’s that good. There was so much intrigue and untangling of secrets it kept me up late a few nights in a row. There are even mysteries I didn’t see coming until they solved them. Then I had to go back and reread those parts. It is easy to read and you won’t want to set it down!

I knew this book was a part of the series when I chose it. However, I was told they could stand alone on their own as well. I found out that this is book 12 in the series, and while it definitely stood on it’s own, I now have to read the rest of the series. I have gotten book 1 (you can find here) and I plan on reading one a month to extend out the greatness that is Louise Penny for as long as I can. If you need a new book, this should be it!

I encourage you to pick up one of these titles and get reading. Give yourself an excuse to go to the beach and get started!(unless you are solely responsible for children, then maybe give yourself an excuse to take them outside in a fenced in area and read!)

Which book is next on your reading list?


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