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All this month I have been talking about hygge and how it benefits the lives of moms (catch up on what hygge is here, and how it helps moms here). It’s hard to describe in one sentence, but it’s essentially about the feeling of cozy, being around loved ones, slowing down, reflection and purposeful living. Hygge is a part of the culture in Denmark and their country is ranked #1 in the world on the happiness index. If you are trying to bring more joy into your life what better people to model ourselves after than them?

To celebrate our topic I wanted to share some great hygge examples that you could add to your home to help it feel a little more hyggeligt. I even added in a few that could help you take that feeling on the go. Hopefully, they will help you set the environment and habits we talked about in my last hygge post. I would love to hear about what you do to make your home more hyggeligt.

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Journals are great for all things hygge. A blank journal can help with clarifying feelings, stress relieving and brain dumping. A guided journal is fun for considering things you may not otherwise think about. They are also great for learning more about yourself and how you feel on different topics.

start where you are journal


Start Where You Are Journal





pink journal



Cute PInk Journal/Notebook




If you ask someone in Denmark to name something that is a pillar of hygge, they will tell you candles. While they often use white non scented candles, I prefer scented yummy ones. I included a candle holder with wood because hygge also contains elements of nature in the house as well.

rustic wooden lantern



Rustic Wooden Candle Holder





(I would recommend doing battery operated candles with this if you have littles, I have found some that would go great with this here)

vanilla cupcake yankee candle


Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake




(Really any Yankee Candle would do right?)

I have learned through a hygge facebook group I am a part of, that fairy lights in a jar can give off a similar effect as a candle and is another great alternative if you have littles.ย  Here is a great example for you to check out.


Home Decor

Your environment plays a big part of your hygge experience, the Danes often use natural wood and textures to create a cozy home. Here are a few things to give you an idea of what that could look like.

faux fur pillow


Belton Square Faux Fur Pillow





Sunbeam Electric Throw Blanket




(I have one of these and love it! I like to keep it close by in the livingroom for added design texture and I can use it when it gets chilly. Plus it’s machine washable!)

Wooden Art


Art made From wood



Using wooden art is a great way to bring in nature while not sacrificing style. This one is made of reclaimed wood and I absolutely love the pineapple!

display shelf



ย Display Wall Shelf






I picked this as an example of the coziness side of hygge. You could use this to display pictures or kids art and add beautiful decorations to the top. I am in love with this piece!


Lighting sets the mood for the hygge experience. In Denmark, they use diffused lighting and low wattage bulbs to give a more relaxed feel to a home. There are certain style of lamps that the scandinavians often lean towards and usually involve white shades that disperse light.

hygge table lamp

Diffused light table lamp





pendant lamp shade


Pendant lamp shade


Wool Socks

Wool socks are a must in hygge. They keep you cozy and warm in the winter months. I have discovered 100% wool socks hard to find. I have included them here to help in your search. (Bonus points if you are a hiker, you can use them when you hike as well!)

Men’s 100% Wool Socks




Women’s 100% Wool Socks




There are some really cute wool blend options as well, but because hygge is more closely related to 100% pure wool, I thought I would show you those to start with.


Let’s face it, there are going to be times when we just can’t sit at home and hygge all day (even though we really want to!). So take your hot beverage and travel items with you to hygge when you are out.

rose gold travel mug



Stainless steel travel mug






Take your hot beverage on the go! (This travel mug keeps your drink warm for up to 6 hours. Wait, this could be beneficial for moms everyday, no more microwave coffee!)

blue travel pillow


Travel Pillow and Wrap Set


These are great for traveling and the wrap blanket would make a quick and cozy moment while running errands in the vehicle or watching kids sports!



I shared some other books in my previous posts, but I have since come across these and wanted to share them as well. There is so much you could gain from learning about hygge.

Hygge: The Complete Book of Hygge: A Real Daneโ€™s Explanation of How to Live the Simple and Amazing Hygge Lifestyle, and Find Happiness


Hygge Habits: 42 Habits for a Happy Life through Danish Hygge that take Five Minutes or Less




Hygge Fun

I wanted to include some fun Hygge related things for those who really love hygge. They are a constant lovely reminder to take time for yourself and are great conversation starters for when you have guests over.


Meaning of Hygge Throw Pillow



Hygge Wall Artย  (Side note: This comes in six different foils and one is rose gold, my fave!)



Super cute Hygge mug




I hope this gives you a little taste of how to setup a more hygge environment, and helps you start your hygge journey!

How you are going to make your home more hygge?