How and why write a love letter and printable

On this last day of February, the month of love, I thought it would be a fun challenge to write ourselves a love letter. (Although this would be good for anytime). Whether you are in love or not, sometimes you need a pick me up that comes from within. We need to carve out a time to remember what we like about ourselves. Self-discovery and self-awareness are incredible tools to good mental health, both of which could be used in this challenge if you choose to.

I encourage you to schedule yourselves 15 minutes today to do this challenge. Maybe make an appointment for yourself and meet at Starbucks. Brainstorm your thoughts and start writing.

Need some ideas? Ask yourself:

What is good about me?

What am I proud of?

What do I see in me that no one else has had the opportunity?

What positives are hidden in the negatives?

If it is still tough take some time to think about yourself as though you are a friend of yours. If you knew your friend could use a kind word, what would you say to them? Would you be shallow and vague or deep and specific?

What if it’s too hard?

What if you struggle with this idea of writing a letter to yourself, why not do a practice humorous one to get started? It’s highly possible it could get you moving in the right direction. If nothing else, it may show you how important humor is in your life and you could talk about that in your letter.

Totally stumped? I created a mad libs style love letter for you to help flush out ideas for you and to make it a little fun! Click on it to download, it has the second page with the types of words you need too!

Did you complete the love letter challenge? Feel free to share a snippet in the comment section or email it to me and I would love to read it! (If you are ok with me anonymously sharing it in a round up post please write that in there too!)